About us

Talaythong Factory Co.,Ltd.

With 30 years’ experience,
Talaythong Factory Co., Ltd.
is a leading manufacturer of
agricultural machinery in
We develop, design and produce high quality products
to serve farmers’ needs, improving efficiency and reducing
costs for farmers. Apart from our well-established
reputation in the domestic market, we also export to most
countries in South and Southeast Asia.

from the past to
the present

Our product range is continually
evolving to meet the
changing needs of
modern agricultural

and now includes power tillers,
small and versatile diesel engines,
disc plough, rice mill, thresher,
shrimp farm equipment, evaporation
system equipment and multi-purpose
agricultural vehicles,
  • Company NameTalaythong Factory Co., Ltd.
  • Office and
    Factory Location
    38/1-2 Jaruworn rd., Panatnikhom, Chonburi
    20140 Thailand
  • Office hour Monday – Saturday
  • Factory Area40,000 sqm.
  • Telephone66 38-462868 to 71
  • Register Capital490,000.- (USD)
  • Year of Starting1970
  • Labour150

Power tiller,
Disc plow,
Rice mill, Thresher,
Combine Harvester,
agricultural vehicles

Power Tiller 5000 set/ year
Disc plow 10000 set/ year
Rice Millr 100 set/ year
Thresher 1000 set/ year
agricultural vehicles
500 set/ year


Researched and Developed power tillers which have no steering system.

Year 1976

Produced new products; 4 wheels mini tractor and cassava cutting machine.

Year 1978

Researched and Developed a power tiller which have 1 reverse and 2 forward gears.

Year 1986

Researched and Developed a moveable mini rice mill model GS 9A.

Year 1996

Started to export agricultural machines to neighbour countries.

Year 2003

Innovated the water pump for cooling system in
Talaythong diesel engine.

Year 2007

December 3, sign to be sole agent for Mitsubishi
tractor in Thailand market.

Year 2011

Launched the Talaythong Combine Harvester.

Year 1967

Established the factory “Talaythong” at Panatnikhom City Chonburi District, Thailand. The first product of the factory was the plow handle.

Year 1975

Researched and Developed power tillers which are completed with gear and steering systems.

Year 1977

Brought the first CNC machine to use in the production line.

Year 1980

The products was distributed spread the country by Agriculture Bank.

Year 1994

Jointed venture with Changchai , the leader agricultural company in China, to produce small diesel engine (9.5 -11.0 hp.) for agricultural used purposes. In order to sell in domestic market and neighbour countries.

Year 2000

Talaythong diesel engines get the Thai Industrial standards mark (TIS 787-2531) from Thai Industrial standards Institute.

Year 2004

Launched 20.0 hp. Talaythong diesel engine in domestic market.

Year 2010

Developed and Launched Talaythong riding tiller.